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Devoted to Product
Quality & Service Excellence

As a locally-owned Canadian company with more than 15 years of expertise, we’re dedicated to fostering a positive customer experience. We’re proud to act as an integral part of the communities that we serve. Our deeply ingrained philosophy influences our mission to sell only trusted brands and be there whenever you need us.

At Screen Queen, we look forward to making your home more welcoming. Our high-quality Mirage Screen Systems help you enjoy comfort, fresh air and insect-free daily life without compromising your view, personal security or decor scheme.

Screens Installed
Years of Excellence
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A Journey of
Over 16 Years

It didn’t take our founders many years of working in this industry to realize that most providers fell far short of what customers deserved. We took it upon ourselves to outshine them all with improved service, product quality and applied knowledge. We’re happy to say that more than a decade later, we’re still getting better.

Straight From Our
Canadian Family to Yours

At Screen Queen, being native Albertans is a major source of pride for us. So is the fact that our product line is made right here. By shortening the distance from the factory to your home, we consistently deliver quality that you can depend on.

We Sell Proven
Mirage Screen Systems

Although Mirage Screen Systems products are trusted by stringent global retailers like Costco, they also live up to our own exacting standards. We’ve got the experience to know that these products are like nothing else on the market in terms of convenience, durability, customizability and engineering precision. We’re proud to work with Mirage, and so are our countless clients in Calgary surrounding area.