Keep Your Screen Doors
Working Effortlessly

Our Mirage Screen Systems products include limited lifetime warranty protection but we understand that life happens. We can provide assistance if your retractable screen does not work correctly. 

Preserve Your Screen Doors for Future Generations

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your retractable screen doors will ensure they work properly. Here are a few tips: 

Deep clean your screen tracks, mesh and housing annually

Lubriate the top and bottom tracks and plastic guides with Mirage's silicone spray lubricant

Use eye-height decals and gradual training to prevent people and pets from damaging screens

Inspect the door screens for cuts, scratches or holes

Repair and replace damaged screens as soon as possible

Calgary Retractable Screen Door
Mesh Replacements

When your screens fall prey to excessive abuse or unavoidable circumstances, just call on Screen Queen. Our experts’ factory training and hands-on experience allows us to rapidly repair or replace your retractable screen.

Call Us For Help

No matter what kinds of screen issues you face, you can count on our more than 10 years of experience