How Do Retractable Screens Work?

Retractable screens are a great way to enjoy natural light and a good view while keeping out bugs and other unwanted pests. If you’re considering installing retractable screens at your home, you might be curious about how they operate. Keep reading to learn about how Calgary retractable screen doors work.

What is a Retractable Screen?

Retractable screens are just what they sound like, screens that cover the doorway when you want them and retract out of site when you don’t. When not in use, Calgary retractable screen doors roll up into a compact housing mounted discreetly on the door frame.

How do Calgary Retractable Screen Doors Work?

The protective housing for Calgary screen doors is mounted to the side frame of exterior doors. When you want the screen, simply pull it from the housing across the door opening. Tracks along the top and bottom guide the screen and help keep it in place. Once fully open, a strong magnetic latch can hold the screen in place. Depending on the type of retractable screen you choose, an electric motor, internal spring, or gearbox controls the retracting of the screen back into the housing. This helps protect the screen from damage.

What Shapes Are Calgary Screen Doors?

Retractable screens work well on a variety of door frames including single out-swing, single in-swing, double doors, and custom doors. They usually open from one side to the other, but can also open top to bottom. Calgary screen doors come in a number of colours and styles so you can match your existing door frame.


A retractable screen is a great way to keep insects and UV light out of your home while still enjoying a fresh breeze. These convenient screens are there when you need them and out of sight when you don’t, making them an ideal choice for many homeowners.
Improving the comfort of your home with retractable screens is easy with Screen Queen. Locally owned and proudly carrying retractable screens made right here in Canada, we love serving our customers and helping them find the screen doors that fit their needs. Interested in improving the comfort of your home?

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