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4 Tips To Extending The Life Of Your Retractable Screen Door

When it comes to something as valuable as your retractable screen door, you have to take precautions to make sure that they can last a lifetime. How can you make sure that your doors can last for their lifespan?

These four tips can help extend the life of your doors.

  1. Always Retract Your Screen Door If Not In Use

If you are not using your retractable screen door, then why is it out? One of the best ways to ensure that it lasts longer and without problems is to put it away if you are not using it. Make sure that it is always retracted and tucked away when it is not in use, so it does not collect debris, be exposed to the harsh conditions, and get damaged when out too long.

  1. Clean the doors and the tracks

To make sure that the quality of your doors maintain their longevity, it is important to always clean it. A build-up of dirt, dust and grime can ruin the integrity and strength of your doors, so taking the time out to clean it can make a massive difference to its lifespan. And when we mean cleaning it, we are referring to both the tracks of your doors and the screen. Mirage retractable screen doors are usually made with materials that stand up well against the elements, but if they are not maintained over time, their quality might wear down. You must look to clean it regularly. You can check out our blog post here about ‘How to Clean Your Retractable Screen Door’ for a step-by-step guide.

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  1. Keep your tracks clear of debris

The tracks of your retractable screen door are vital for its functionality. So when it comes to keeping your door functioning at its best, you have to take the time out to make sure that the tracks are cleared. You should always be looking at your tracks and clearing out any debris that has piled up over time. If not, the quality and functionality of your door will suffer, as well as the chances of damage increasing.

  1. Avoid blunt force

One of the fastest ways that a screen door can be damaged is by the use of excessive force. And this can happen at any time, from a kid running into the door, to people closing it harder than expected. Now, while the quality of the doors are undisputed, in most cases, they will hold firm for a long-time. But if you can avoid blunt and excessive force, then you’ll keep your door lasting longer than ever!

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